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I'm Quentin Hudspeth

Professional. Not Polished.

You’ve got voiceover needs.

I can satisfy those needs.

I am a professionally trained voice actor specializing in audiobook narration, and I am available for other narrative and commercial work, as well.

Have a listen to my demos. I’m sure you’ll find my voice perfect for one of your projects.

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Re: Crazy Sexy Love, by Alison G. Bailey

The audiobook is great. Both are relatively new to me (Kelli Tager and Quentin Hudspeth) but they did a good job playing multiple characters. Quentin Hudspeth was especially great because he actually acted out some of the actions (laughter, etc) so immersed me in the story.



Re: the audiobook for her novel, Crazy Sexy Love

Crazy Sexy Love audiobook is LIVE!
I’ve been listening and laughing all morning. Kelli and Quentin are amazing as Sophie and Doug.


Alison G. Bailey

Re: McMillan File (the Rider Files, Book 3)

Quentin Hudspeth is a new narrator to me, and I really enjoyed his interpretation of the story. Easy dialogue, voices matching the character and good pacing made for hours of entertainment.

Patricia Reichardt

Re: Crazy Sexy Love

Narrated by Kelli Tager & Quentin Hudspeth. I’ve not heard either of them before but really enjoyed their narration. I would absolutely buy a book either of them narrated.


Re: McMillan File

Quentin Hudspeths’s narration was excellent. He gives all the characters their own voices, accents, and personalities. He did a fantastic job evoking emotion and tension where appropriate.