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An Original Space Opera RPG Star Rise balances Combat, Exploration, Investigation, and Social Interaction Star Rise is set in current metropolitan America and myriad locations in the Galaxy during the early days of conflict escalation between the Galactic Union and the Thalock Protectorate. In… Continue Reading…

Caltrops is a small system-independent supplement for fantasy themed RPGs. The warrior goblins of Tufartu Reach live austere lives. Their days swing from the abject boredom of the military camp to the glorious horror of battle. To pass the time… Continue Reading…

Playing the Market is a system-independent supplement for any RPG with a market system where characters can go shopping for gear. Rules are provided for both fantasy and modern/future settings. The basic mechanic for Playing the Market is for the… Continue Reading…

The Morgenstern Family Papers is a collection of spells for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e released in two parts as Morgenstern’s Spellbook (2010) and Resnet’s Spellbook (2011). Rasmus Morgenstern, Wizard extraordinaire, was fond of riffing on the effects of existing spells,… Continue Reading…

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