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An Original Space Opera RPG

Star Rise balances Combat, Exploration, Investigation, and Social Interaction

Star Rise is set in current metropolitan America and myriad locations in the Galaxy during the early days of conflict escalation between the Galactic Union and the Thalock Protectorate. In Star Rise, players take on the roles of Officers of the Police and Protection Corps — the paramilitary branch of the Interplanetary Defense Council of the Galactic Union. The Characters are runaway and orphaned homeless human teenagers and young adults who have found their way to World Shelter — the world-wide chain of emergency shelters that are fronts for the recruiting arm of the PPC.

• Broker peace deals • Investigate crimes • Explore ancient alien ruins •

• Chart new territories • Fight on the front lines • Or infiltrate behind them •

• Adventure at home on Earth • Or fly among the stars •

Star Rise is a fully contained, fully functional, original system. The 300-page manual is all you need to get started creating your own adventures.

Star Rise is available as “pay what you want” exclusively at DriveThruRPG.

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