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Caltrops is a small system-independent supplement for fantasy themed RPGs.

The warrior goblins of Tufartu Reach live austere lives. Their days swing from the abject boredom of the military camp to the glorious horror of battle. To pass the time in camp, the goblins have invented many games that use simple military implements as the playing pieces. One of their most common tools of war is the caltrop — four spikes arranged in a small pyramidal star such that, when dropped on the ground, one spike
always points straight up. As every member of the Tufartu Guard is issued his own bag of caltrops, they find their way into many goblin games. To use the caltrops as number-keeping devices, the goblins scratch small lines across their tines to denote the numbers 1–4.

Caltrops presents two variations of a dice game using four-sided dice — lovingly referred to by many gamers as caltrops — with the same basic rolling rules. The first variation, Sargeant, is strictly a press-your-luck game with scoring and requires pen and paper or some other means of keeping score. The second, Skudge, is a betting game, and so requires money, chips, or some other markers to keep score.

Caltrops is available as “pay what you want” exclusively from DriveThruRPG.

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