Morgenstern Relocated

Morgenstern Relocated: The author tap-dances like Fred Astair! No, not really. But sometimes it feels like it.

Well, folks — just as I started to get my feet back under me for these weekly spell revisits, the music changed. I’m still cuttin’ a rug, but my solo tap dance has become a line dance. Morgenstern is being relocated. Let me esplain…

Down the Twisted Path

Remember when I said I a few posts back that I had added some new things to my plate, and it was taking a while to digest it all? To sum up, one of those things was getting involved with a consortium of freelance TTRPG content creators to form a new company. So new, in fact, that I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention the company name yet. We don’t even have a website up and running. In a month or so, though, it will launch, along with a Patreon campaign. We’re still working out the tiers and what the tier rewards will be. We do know that the Morgenstern Revisit will be moving into one of the lower tiers.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, the content on this site will decrease — probably to a monthly trickle — and include tiny tidbits of design and conjecture that don’t fit into the Patreon scheme. I’ll be posting reminders here, on Twitter, on Facebook, and elsewhere as new Patreon content comes forth. And assuming you join us, you’ll be getting a lot more bang per release — albeit behind a low pay wall — than from my meager firecrackers.

I’m super excited about my partnership with this new company. I really hope you decide to join us on our journey. We will be launching a multiversal line of games and settings in various action genres. I’ll personally contribute from D&D land and branch out into new systems.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress as we get this new company sorted out. Thank you for your support.

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Colin Fredericks

Definitely interested.

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