Audiobook Samples

Heightened Emotion (Averted Breakup), F/M Dialogue, Romance, Third Person

Excerpt from McMillan File, By CB Samet

Comedic, Heightened Emotion (Breakup), F/M Dialogue, Romance, First Person

Excerpt from Crazy Sexy Love, by Alison G. Bailey

Intimidation, F/M/M Dialogue, Science Fiction, First Person

Excerpt from Child of Fire, By Harry Connolly

Violence, Male, Science Fiction, First Person

Excerpt from Altered Carbon, By Richard K. Morgan

Dialogue, Female (×3), Science Fiction, Third Person

Excerpt from Manifold Space, By Stephen Baxter

Conflict, Male (×3), Children’s (Tween/Teen/YA) Fiction, First Person

Excerpt from Pillage, by Obert Skye

Nonfiction, Science, Cosmology

Excerpt from The Origin of the Universe, By John D. Barrow

Nonfiction, Essay

Excerpt from You Said This Would Be Fun, by Jeff Warrender

Nonfiction, Memoir

Excerpt from the Foreword of Hollyweird Science, by Grazier and Cass

Nonfiction, Biography

Excerpt from This Must Be the Place, by David Bowman

Nonfiction, Christian Inspirational

Excerpt from Uncommon Hope, by Kurt Bubna

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