About Me

Voiceover Training

I started my voiceover career with training at Voice Coaches, in Albany, NY, where I received a brief education in the basics of voiceover. I then moved on to The VO Dojo, in Burbank, CA, where I participated in both the You Should Do Voiceover and Mystery to Mastery programs. I continue my studies in the Dojo’s Nth Degree program, where working professionals gather to hone their craft. Along with the various Dojo Fight Clubs (workouts and workshops with the industry professionals who do the hiring), I have participated in two audiobook narration coaching intensives with Ronnie Butler, and look forward to many more.

Voice Experience

Crazy Sexy LoveAudiobookNarrator2020Pink Flamingo ProductionsSarah Puckett
Uncommon HopeAudiobookNarrator2020Audible (ACX)Quentin Hudspeth
You Said This Would Be FunAudiobookNarrator2020Audible (ACX)Quentin Hudspeth
The McMillan FileAudiobookNarrator2020Audible (ACX)Quentin Hudspeth
Financial Science Journal ArticlesNarrationNarrator2020Academic AudiosBill Reese
Pakt Backpack Indiegogo CampaignExplainer VideoLead VO2020Pakt BagsEmma Abbot
Supernatural GenderSWAP, Ep. 3.17PodcastSteven GrovesIn ProductionFool’s Gold TheatreKasey Heimann
Supernatural GenderSWAP, Ep. 3.15PodcastWorker 12019Fool’s Gold TheatreKasey Heimann
Supernatural GenderSWAP, Ep. 3.12PodcastRon VanAllen2019Fool’s Gold TheatreKasey Heimann
Tell Me a Tale, Ep. 4, 7–9PodcastGradisIn ProductionWarrender ProductionsH.G. Warrender
Tell Me a Tale, Ep. 1PodcastDoctorIn ProductionWarrender ProductionsH.G. Warrender
A Crime on the BayouDocumentaryDaryl BubrigIn ProductionAugusta FilmsNancy Buirsky
YouforiaWeb SeriesVoice of GodIn ProductionKundaliniRZAJohn Coriolan

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I am a PhD physicist, with experience in the classroom and the lab, in such subjects as astronomy, cosmology, solid state physics, and laser ablation. I have studied Kung Fu and Tai Chi, pretended to learn the guitar, sung in an amateur choir, and designed board and roleplaying games. I am a stay-at-home-dad, a perennial do-it-yourselfer, a cook, a maker. I am an inveterate sci-fi and fantasy geek, a chronic nerd. I love bad action movies and good science documentaries in equal measure, and I can’t go a day without a little music in my life.