I’m Quentin Hudspeth

Big Words. Big Emotions

I narrate audiobooks because I want to touch people’s lives. To make them just a little bit better, more fun, easier to cope with — even if just for a few hours.

• Authentic • Compasionate • Geeky •

I like stories with heart. With triumphant underdogs. With flawed heroes and relatable villains.

I like nonfiction that stirs visions of the cosmos. Uplifts our spirits. Brings insight into the human condition.

As a narrator I bring compassion and authenticity to fiction and nonfiction alike. I can handle the big words and the big emotions.

Helping Hand

I am a PhD physicist, with experience in the classroom and the lab, and I am a chronic nerd. I believe if you ain’t still learning, you ain’t still living. Or working, for that matter.

In addition to audiobook coaching with Emily Lawrence, Ronnie Butler, and others, I am always dabbling in new experiences. I am an inveterate geek — science fiction & fantasy, technology, gaming; you name it.

I have studied Kung Fu and Tai Chi, tried to learn the guitar, sung in an amateur choir, and designed board and roleplaying games. I love bad action movies and good science documentaries in equal measure, and I can’t go a day without a little music in my life.

Narration Samples

Urban Fantasy: 1st Person, F/M/M Dialogue, Intimidation

Science Fiction: 3rd Person, F/F/F Dialogue, Exposition

Romance: 1st Person, F/M Dialogue, Comedic, Heightened Emotion (Breakup)

Worlds of Wonder

Science: Technical Explanation

Memoir: Geeky

Christian Inspirational: Compassionate

What's That!?

Selected Audiobooks